• Sales (testing)

    College degree or above;

    Sales Representative

    Salary range: 3000-15000 yuan / month

    Job highlights: year end bonus, regular physical examination, holiday welfare, housing allowance, double paid annual leave at the end of the year, communication allowance and meal allowance

    Position information

    operating duty:

    1. Complete customer negotiation, contract signing, documentary and post maintenance;

    2. Complete the monthly sales task assigned by the company;

    3. Effectively maintain the relationship between customers and banks, expand and develop new customer resources;

    4. Sort out customer files and establish marketing accounts.

    Job requirements:

    1. 22-35 years old, male or female, college degree or above;

    2. Working experience in investment, financial management, securities, banking and other related customer resources;

    3. Strong learning and communication skills, good at communication;

    4. Good sense of teamwork and pressure bearing ability.

    Salary negotiable

    EMAIL:sale1@smdqgs.com Apply now
  • Cashier (test)

    College degree or above, major in accounting, finance and other related majors;


    4000-8000 yuan / month

    Yueqing 3-5 years college recruit 1 person

    Job highlights

    Five insurances, one subsidy, meal subsidy, overtime subsidy, communication subsidy, regular physical examination, transportation subsidy, holiday welfare

    Position information

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for daily cash, check and bill collection and payment, custody and expense reimbursement;

    2. Transfer and account the internal current account, confirm the receipt, and register the cash and bank journal in time;

    3. Making, binding and keeping of cash and bank vouchers;

    4. Assist accountant to prepare daily and monthly documents and statements;

    5. Handle all relevant business with the bank;

    6. Complete other routine work assigned by the company.


    1. College degree or above, major in accounting, finance and other related majors;

    2. Integrity, integrity, love and dedication, serious and careful, high sense of responsibility, good professional ethics;

    3. Good learning ability, independent working ability and solid financial knowledge.

    4. Proficient in financial software and MSOffice (such as Excel), familiar with handling various banking businesses;

    5. Have the knowledge and ability of daily cash management, bank revenue and expenditure, accounting, bookkeeping and bill audit;

    EMAIL:sale1@smdqgs.com Apply now
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